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Poppies Will Put Her to Sleep


captured on 16mm film

location: artist's childhood home

duration: 3 minutes 58 seconds

© Copyright 2016 Kathryn Cellerini Moore

Following her death, I transformed Mom's shoes into the most brilliant and shiny Ruby Sippers I could using glue and glitter placed one piece at a time. When I wasn’t meditating on shoes I was cutting her blue outfit into fabric petals with the intent to make poppies.


Dressed as Dorothy, with Mom’s Ruby Slippers and petals in tow, I found a mother Douglas fir tree, sat down, and assembled poppy flowers. For me, the assembly process was akin to taking fragmented pieces of Mom in an attempt to unify her. Eventually I rested amongst Mom’s poppy flowers. Poppies Will Put Her to Sleep captures and shares this healing ritual.

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