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March 10-April 29, 2023

petri dishes, biodegradable monofilament, microscopy videos,

metamorphic rock, granite, glass shards, dichroic glass, dichroic film,

carbon steel, wood, and soundtrack featuring NASA sonification data of nebulae and cicadas

40’6” x 28′ x 12’4”

A.N. Bush Gallery @ Salem Art Association in Salem, Oregon


Special Thanks to Artist and Studio Assistant Emily Lipp who was instrumental in

the fabrication and installation of this work. 

Thank you to the Schmidt Ocean Institute and James Weiss for contributing video footage 

to this exhibition.

This exhibition was generously supported by the Salem Art Association. 

Director of Videography: Kathryn Cellerini Moore

Video Editing: Kathryn Cellerini Moore 

Soundtrack mixed by Kathryn Cellerini Moore using excerpts from NASA's Chandra

XRay Sonification Project. NASA Chandra X-Ray Sonification Project Link:

With Gratitude:

Schmidt Ocean Institute

NASA Chandra X-Ray Sonification Project

Randel C. Moore

Murph Caldwell

Willamette University Studio Art Department

Willamette University Biology Department

Willamette University Studio Art Department installation volunteers

Cayla Skillin-Brauchle, Associate Professor Drawing and Expanded Media

Jason Duncan, Associate Professor of Biology

Salem Art Association

Jennifer Gimzewski

Lee Ann Tandy

PressPlay Salem

Van and Kathee Moore


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