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The Cosmic Web (Or, Rainbow Confetti Multiverse) Series


ink on paper

5" x 7" and 8" x 11"

photo credit: Mario Galluci

Composite images of the universe that are released by entities such as Chandra X-Ray Telescope, or Hubble,etc., can be false-color photographs. Meaning, if three different telescopes measure different frequencies of light radiating from the same area of the sky, one wavelength range might be designated as blue, another range as red, and another as green. When red blue and green are layered atop one another, we see absolutely stunning, colorful and dense visuals from our galaxy.

There is this idea that when the big bang happened 13.8 billions years ago, everything was created at once. Light from the Big Bang, now with very long wavelengths not visible to human eyes surrounds us. As do many wavelengths of invisible radiation.

Meanwhile, scientists continue to map out our universe... and it resembles neural networks on a universal scale. It's called the Cosmic Web.

The Cosmic Web Drawing Series is an interpretation of these ideas. I choose colors that represent invisible radiation of some wavelength, and I layer and interweave the colors to create a representation of a dynamic space filled with energy.

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