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Galactic Ping-Pong

March 30-April 29, 2022

Gretchen Schuette Gallery and Media Production Studios @ Chemeketa Community College

Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon


Generously supported by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Gretchen Schuette Endowment


Soundtrack mixed by the artist using excerpts from NASA's Chandra XRay Sonification Project

Link to companion website for the show:

Link to Sloan Digital Sky Survey:


Link to Anatomy of an SDSS Plate

Press Release (courtesy Chemeketa Community College)

AMAZING Instagram Video Introducing the show, created by CCC student

Director of Videography: Randel C. Moore

Video Editing: Kathryn Cellerini Moore 

NASA Chandra X-Ray Sonification Project Link:

Special Thanks to Billy Ullmann, Studio Assistant Extraordinaire

With Gratitude:

Professor Sarah Tuttle, University of Washington

Deanne Beausoliel, Chemeketa Community College

Kay Bunnenberg Boehmer, Chemeketa Community College

Randel C. Moore, Web/Software Developer

Travis Mandeville, University of Washington

Niall Deacon, MPIA Heidelberg, Germany

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Katie Hegglin

Professor David Craig, Willamette University Biology Department

Willamette University Art Department Faculty

Steve Vincent, Chemeketa Community College

Amadeo Rehbein-Verhoeven, Chemeketa Community College

Christopher Claysmith, Chemeketa Community College

Gretchen Schuette Endowment

Dan L. Hess, Head Curator @ Art and History Museums, Maitland, FL

Guido Alvarez, Chemeketa Community College

Van and Kathee Moore

Billy Ullmann

Oakley Fielder

Megan Harned

Tim and Robin Rice

Kristin Rosgen


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